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New Zealand biotech news

Kiwi fundraising effort aims to build biogas digesters for Piu Village

BioEnceptionz revamp their efforts to raise funds to build biogas digesters for Piu Village in Samoa.

Forestry biotech firm ArbonGen is to acquire tree improvement businesses of IP, MWV and Rubicon


US-based ArborGen LLC, which is one-third owned by NZ firm Rubicon Limited, has entered into agreements to acquire the commercial tree improvement operations of International Paper, Mead Westvaco and Rubicon's Horizon2.

Genesis expect continued strong achievements with release of interim report


Genesis Research and Development announced better-than-budget results in their half-year financial report and expect milestone achievements over the coming months.

Commercial biofuels now available in New Zealand


Gull New Zealand has launched the first commercially available biofuel for New Zealand motorists.

GE food safety tests found lacking


Soil & Health Association claim that food safety trials of GE corn were flawed.

Biojoule produce an environmentally-friendly plastic


Genesis Research and Development's subsidiary reported that they have produced an expanded polyurethane foam from natual lignin extracted from shrubby willow.

LIC sells Animal Breeding Services


LIC have sold their subsidiary ABS in a move to reduce investment in In-Vitro Production technology.

GE-Free NZ fight to stop GE-Brassica trials


GE-Free New Zealand appeal to the High Court, claiming breaches in law relating to GE field trials.

World news

Virtual Biotechnology Marketplace for Asia-Pacific


AusBiotech have created the BioNet Asia Pacific Initiative

BIO-Europe registrations are open


BIO-Europe features presentations, exhibitions and networking opportunities for international biotechnology, pharmaceutical and financial companies. This year's conference will take place in Hamburg, Germany from Novemeber 12-14.

Pharmaceutical market predicted to double by 2020


In their recently released report Pharma 2020: The vision - Which path will you take?, PwC predict that the worldwide pharmaceutical market will more than double to $1.3 trillion.

Human stem cells injected into monkeys with Parkinson's


In the search for a Parkinson's cure, US researchers injected stem cells into monkeys and observed their damaged brain cells stopped deteriorating for a period of a few months.

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