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Careers in Biotechnology

What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology - biotech for short - involves the use of science and technology to manipulate living cells (and materials produced by cells) into new products such as foods, pharmaceuticals, synthetic hormones and biomaterials.

Although forms of biotechnology have been around for many years, new advances in science and technology have caused it to grow in importance in recent years. Biotechnology is set to be one of the most important industries this century, and there is sure to be a strong demand for qualified biotech professionals for many years to come.

Biotech career options

There are many different job descriptions and career paths under the general umbrella of biotechnology. Depending on one's interests and strengths it's possible to develop a biotech career in research & development, manufacturing, quality control, business & administration, IT, management, marketing, intellectual property, regulation and other fields. Access Excellence have a website which provides a good summary of biotech job descriptions.

Most biotechnology careers require a strong education in the sciences, especially biological sciences and numeracy. It is common for workers in biotech research & development positions to hold advanced degrees, though not every position requires a PhD. For details of specialised university level courses read our page on biotechnology education in New Zealand.

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