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Biotechnology Education

Executive Education at the Univertiy of Otago

The University of Otago Executive Education programme is committed to providing quality business education to New Zealand's business community at the middle to senior management level. The courses are structured to give professionals the ability to gain a qualification through the University within the framework of their busy work life.

A portfolio of short courses is offered, in which the content is an excellent combination of business topics, new research, current events and keynote business speakers. Executive Education offers the opportunity to develop and complement existing functional and managerial skills without having to take significant time out of the office.

The 5 day in-house course structure inspires and encourages participants to look at the long term goals and benefits, challenging learning processes in a stimulating environment that encourages open frank discussion.

Often managers return to the work environment with a refreshed approach and look at their roles in a new light. Professionals from a wide range of organisations have the advantage of networking with other managers both inside and outside the classroom, returning home to apply the teachings back to their own organisation.

Executive Education also offers customised options for companies, allowing specific content or issues to be targeted.

BIOTECHNOLOGY - Strategies for Innovation and Growth

Further details of the executive education programme can be found at, with more specific information available for Strategies for Innovation and Growth.

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