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New Zealand Biotech Research

A mulititude of companies and government agencies undertake specialist biotechnology research in New Zealand. Some current research activities and achievements are as follows:

  • Animal genomics the discovery of genes and gene functions in cattle, deer and sheep.
  • Animal reproductive technologies fertility, ovulation control, reproductive physiology, pregnancy establishment, and embryology
  • Asthma and Tuberculosis research, including the patenting of an asthma vaccine.
  • Bioprocessing research - biochemical extraction, separation and the manufacture of molecules.
  • Biomaterials research - manipulating plant cells into other materials such as bioplastics and biopolymers.
  • Cloning NZ is one of the world leaders in cattle cloning.
  • Development of new foods and flavours.
  • Development of prodrugs for the treatment of cancer.
  • Extraction and development of nutritional supplements to improve and maintain muscle growth.
  • Functional genomics, research into plant signalling genes which control growth, quality and yield.
  • Research and development of agritechnologies such as sensors, instruments and computer modelling for agricultural products and processes.
  • Research into bioactives for use in organic pesticides.
  • Research into the development of new medicines for infectious diseases.
  • Transgenics research especially in cattle and sheep.
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